1. Ain’t It Crazy
  2. Getting Better
  3. Kickass Woman
  4. Save My World
  5. Comin’ Through
  6. Celestial Jam
  7. Manipura
  8. Conscious Surrender
  9. Chance to Fly
  10. Soul Stealer
  11. Road to Damascus

1. Ain’t It Crazy (V. Durst)

Oh ain’t it wild
All the things you hear
Ain’t it even crazier
That we believe it
Oh ain’t it something
All the things that we fear

Can you hear me child
Oh in the moonlight tide
Can you feel my arms around you
Can you feel the way I’m comin’ through
Can you hear me baby
Singin’ to you
Oh let me hear you now

(doo doo doo) You’re so crazy
Oh but you’re so fine (x2)
Everything is crazy
But everything is fine

Oh ain’t it crazy baby
Crazy all the feelings inside
Ain’t it even crazier
This love so deep and wide
Everything is crazy
But everything is fine
Oh everything is crazy
But everything is fine


2. Getting Better (V. Durst)

Everybody’s got the blues
About one thing or another
Time to let our asses move
And blow this shitty cover
We got everything we need
And if we don’t we suffer
Why decide to take this ride
With nothing to discover

Cause when I think I get the blues
Cause my thinkin’ ain’t right
Gotta know when you’re screwed
And when to give up
When to give up the ego fight

Used to be a girl that ran
From feelings of discomfort
Now I know the only plan
Is to face it and recover
Got a lot of things to say
Or so I used to think
Now I like the quiet time
Listening to the wind



Now I sing the song of Grace
Because she was my mother
There’s beauty there that don’t compare
And one way or another
I’m getting better


3. Kickass Woman (V. Durst)

All her life she fought to find
Some kind of love and peace of mind
She worked the grill, she paid her dues
She did the dance, she sang the blues

So hold on when the waves break,
and the wind howls,
and the trees shake
Love will find you
Love will keep you
Love will save you
Love will make you
A kickass woman

4. Save My World (V. Durst)

In the lovely glade so sweet
I find my love awaiting
With clear and deeper energy
Than I have ever known

Please come to me
When my heart sighs
And flow my being into light
And free form love
Save my world
Free form love
Save my world

When I hear you calling me
There is no sweeter sound
A clear and deeper melody
I have never found



Free form love
Save my world (x6)

“I’m proud of you girl,
You’ve done the best that you can
Well done my child
You’ve worked so hard on yourself“

5. Comin’ Through (V. Durst)

Woke up in a bad mood today
I had ya all to myself
And I blew it anyway

I blew it sky high
But you love me anyway (x2)

Can’t seem to speak the truth
When it comes to what I need
Try to get the message through
But I can barely breathe
I been working on this thing
For seems like long enough
Why can’t I hold my tongue
When things are getting rough


Don’t know why I hurt you baby
You’re true through and through
Sometimes my feelings come out wrong
And I’m a brat
That’s what I do
But hang in there baby
I’m comin’ through

Hang in there baby,
I’m comin’ through,
Hang in there baby
I’m true to you

6. Celestial Jam (V. Durst/M. Kurjan)

Gonna call up my brother,
My sister and others,
My father and mother,
And all of their lovers

Oh celestial jam,
Sweet Child of man
It’s a family jam!

Come on over,
Bring your drums and your guitar,
We’ll howl at the moon,
We’ll get in the groove


Let me feel your body’s rhythm
Let me watch you really livin’
Drop your cares and be forgiven
Cause it’s a family jam



7. Manipura (L. Arachne)

We occupied
Where the wheel meets the street meets the wall
And you thought you tried
All you had, but it’s no use at all
And you’re burning out
Like a candle put under a jar
If there’s any doubt
Let it flow like a stream from a quasar
So far your lodestar has given you
All that you need to survive
Anything else is just more of the same
Heaven is heaven alive
Or anywhere else by a different name
Manipura is stronger than shame

Let’s congregate
Where the solar eclipses the soul
At any rate
You’re exchanging the part for the whole
Chase out the dark
With reactive vermillion light
And find the spark
That moves you to set yourself upright
And each night your insight
Will guide you to all that you need to survive
Showers in April bring flowers for May
All this bewildering wild
Will come into view as it’s fading away
Manipura will guide us each day

You already are all you need to survive
You hold in your heart what you see in the sky (x2)
To satisfy… all that you need to survive
Anything else is just more of the same
Heaven is heaven alive
Or anywhere else by a different name
Manipura is stronger than shame

8. Conscious Surrender (V. Durst/M. Kurjan)

Precious love, I call on you
To shape this mind to think anew
I ask for help in shifting stone
To render spirit from flesh and bone

Sweet conscious surrender
Sweet conscious surrender
Move the mountain
Stillness enters

Oh my sister, open wide
Release the power locked inside
Turn your fear from shit to gold
Beautiful strong woman to behold




9. Chance to Fly (V. Durst/M. Kurjan)

Oh my sweet sister
What a great journey we are on
Oh my brother jamming with me now
What a gift to have your style

Thank you for the love inside
Thank you for these eyes open wide
Thank you for this time to be alive
And thank you for this chance to fly

Oh my dearest lover
What a feeling, it’s like no other
Oh the look that is in your beautiful eyes,
Oh the sound of your sweet sighs



Oh my lovely daughter,
Now an even finer mother
Oh that smile, that sweet smile I see,
It’s the same smile that was inside of me,


10. Soul Stealer (V. Durst)

Ain’t no soul stealer
I ain’t no soul stealer
I ain’t no kind of sinner neither
Just another human breather

No one can say that I haven’t tried
To live this life the best I can
With devils in my head
Without my daddy’s hand
With Angel in hand
And the dream of a sound
Celestial bound
Oh that sound



I’m up in the light
I’m up in the light, now child

11. Road to Damascus (V. Durst/M. Schorr)

Seal up my heart
Torn true in the wild way
Seal up my heart
Angry as the changing day

Hold me when twilight blooms
Shield me from incoming storms
Face to the wind
Look on to progress
Lay yourself down on the road to Damascus
Shear away doubt
All the pain that dogs us
Come on now lay your self down
On the road to Damascus

Play me so gently
So sweetly the sound
Keep me from harm
Please keep me from harm


Live that beautiful journey
Don’t be afraid, no don’t be afraid
On the road to Damascus
Give it up, give it up child
On the road to Damascus

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